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  • Jane Lennan says:

    Hi Will, I was just reading your ‘Said Hanrahan’ poem, I think it’s my new favourite! God bless.

  • Jessica Fields says:

    He Will,

    I’d love to subscribe to the website…. does this do it?

  • Nick Wood says:

    I was whilin’ (just a’whilin’) as I waited for a film
    At Carlton Nova Cinema when I saw the name of Will
    Mackerras – yes Mackerras! – now there is surely only one
    such man as that in Melbourne town. (That’s unless he’s had a son?)

    But paus’d I did a moment cos I really didn’t know it:
    Perhaps the ‘first’ Mackerri had done gone become a poet!
    I asked the man at Readings for a physical description.
    He shrugged but passed a copy of the April talks edition.

    Backpocket man. Once comedian. Affixer of the sheet.
    Designer of saloons. One-thumb’ed touch-typist of the street.
    Muller of migration law. Migrated himself to Wee Waa.
    You crack me up, you and your clan, you crack me up, that’s for sure!

  • banjobible says:

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks, that’s encouraging! Though I’m not sure you succeeded, as I haven’t received an email about it. I’m not sure where you do it. I might have a look around.


  • Sandy Solomon says:

    Hi Will,
    thanks for allowing me to preform your poems on the w/e.
    I recited the first two and the last one in the banjo bible ‘series’.
    They were extremely well received – they didn’t want me to stop!
    also I took out shared first place in the concert! 🙂
    One person said that they should be recorded as audio and made into braille books!
    I said I would pass it on. (done) I also emailed her this website so maybe she can work it out with you. It would be a great thing for the blind! 9her name is Julie, btw)
    Warm regards,

  • Beate Teale says:

    just looove it. Thanks and praise be to God,

    a northern rivers reader

  • Sandy Solomon says:

    Nick – love it!

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