Some poetic license

I’ve done my best here to capture the stories as they actually are in the Bible. However I have taken a bit of poetic license to mould the stories into the form of the various Australian poems. I’ve done this in a few different ways.

  • Changing the words in some biblical speeches to make them rhyme.
  • Imagining some speeches that are implied but not actually recorded in the Bible.
  • Describing some events in a metaphorical way.
  • Imagining a name for an unnamed character (for example the angel who visits Joseph to tell him what name to give Jesus).
  • Expanding on the biblical description of a character (for example the woman in “The Man from Ironbark”)

I hope this won’t spoil your enjoyment of the poems. If you like you can click on the title of each poem to find the bible references of each poem, and a short explanation of the things that I’ve imagined.

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